Charlie's Custom Calls
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
Charlie's Custom Calls
Charlie produces the following custom calls:

All of my calls are hand turned, one call at a time.  No two calls are exactly alike.  

Each and every call is put together with an "o" ring on the stopper, sealing it within the barrel
exacting a snug fit between them and assuring the stopper stays until you remove the stopper
for service.  

All calls are
finished with one or two coats of sealer and then sanded again and given
several coats of precat lacquer or marine oil finish

The materials used for calls are generally
finished natural.  However, some of the lighter color
calls could be enhanced with stains or dyes to
add beauty and bring out the wood's grain.  Some
woods naturally darken with age and exposure to U.V. light.  Woods can be stabilized and dyed if
you wish at an add cost.

To learn more about a particular call or to build and order your own call, simply
click on the name of the call above.
Charlie's Custom Calls
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