Charlie's Custom Calls offers your choice of:

 Friction Calls                                        Box Calls
 Single Surface - $30.00 & up ea.        $35.00 and up ea.
 Double Surface - $45.00 & up ea.


  Wingbone Yelpers                                      Trumpet Yelpers
  $55 and up ea.                                              $55 and up ea.

 Custom Strikers                                              
 A common wood species striker
 comes with a friction call.  Extra
 strikers can be ordered.
 $10.00 to $30.00 ea.


To build and order your own custom call and/or striker,
1.  Click on the image of the type of call you want above (or click on the image of the strikers),
2.  Follow the links through the following pages, noting your selections, and
3.  On the final page, you will have the opportunity to submit your order.   
Charlie's Custom Turkey Calls
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
Charlie's Custom Calls
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Charlie's Custom Calls