Charlie's Deer Calls
Charlie's Custom Calls produces quality deer grunt calls and cow elk calls.
Charlie's Custom Calls
7479 NE Hicks Dr. • Hamilton, MO 64644 •
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
Charlie's Custom Calls
DEER GRUNT - $25.00 ea.

This call is adjustable in tone range with
a slight movement of an "o" ring and with an
expandable sound tube.
The Deer Grunt is adjustable from the sound of a big
buck to a doe or to making the higher pitch of a fawn.
COW ELK - $20.00 ea.

This call perfectly mimics the sounds of a
cow elk.
DOE CALL - $25.00 ea.

FAWN CALL - $25.00 ea.